Case Studies

Brand Management

TSM provided an outsource product manager for a blockbuster antihypertensive brand over the last 18 months of marketing exclusivity; establishing new call, sampling and contracting strategies as well as a range rationalization program the sum of which resulted in an improvement in net contribution exceeding $70 million.

Market Research

TSM directed all market research activities for an investigational anti-asthmatic agent as the compound emerged from phase II trials including building the business case for management approval of the critical phase III pre-marketing phase. Subsequently, TSM managed the market research launch plan which determined commercial strategy including positioning, messaging, creative execution and tactical planning.

Managed Care Analytics

TSM established a predictive tool for forecasting national, regional and local market share change produced by altering "quality of formulary access" of a given brand at an individual plan. The model produced an R2 value of 0.86 when scatter plotting regional NRx share vs. regional "quality of access" and demonstrates the highly variable yet geographically predictable response to a myriad of promotional tactics dependent on "regional quality of access". The model allows for insightful testing of multiple scenarios in support of promotional and contracting strategy development.

Business Development

TSM conducted all evaluations of in-licensing opportunities for a new division of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and led the establishment of a new, in-house licensing commercial analysis team including determining organizational objectives and structure, process mapping, talent acquisition and procedures for performance management.

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